Medicine shortages are a “major problem” in European hospitals

Findings from a new survey show European hospitals are experiencing significant medicine shortages, with more than nine in 10 respondents reporting shortages to be an issue in terms of delivering the best care to patients. Read More.



Berries may reduce Cardiovascular Disease risk!

A new study which investigated the link between dietary anthocyanin, the red-pigmented flavonoids found in berries, and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk suggests that anthocyanins, and more specifically anthocyanidins, could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and CVD mortality. Read More


New, more effective flu vaccine available for over-65s this winter.

The adjuvanted trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (aTIV) is available for the first time this year in the UK for those aged 65 and over. The vaccine has the potential to prevent deaths and significantly reduce the burden on the NHS, delegates at the recent Public Health England (PHE) conference heard. Read More. 


Bullying and harassment in the NHS in England could be costing the organisation over £2 billion per year.

According to new research published in the Public Money & Management. The study is the first comprehensive estimate of the financial costs of bullying and harassment in the NHS. It uses data from NHS Digital to gauge the impact of bullying on sickness absence, employee turnover, productivity, sickness presenteeism, and employment relations. Read More


One in five of us is drinking too much…

A YouGov poll has found that one in five of UK adults are drinking above the Chief Medical Officer’s low risk drinking guidelines and more than two thirds of these say they would find cutting down on their drinking harder to do than one or more other lifestyle changes – improving their diet, exercising more, or even reducing their smoking, if they were smokers. Read More.