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One in three women

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women – with one in eight women in the UK developing the disease. Breast cancer accounts for a third of cancer cases in women. But, the good news is that breast cancer responds well to treatment if caught early. Most early breast cancer diagnoses are made through the use of breast screening mammograms.

Thanks to screening, research and better treatments more than 80% of women with breast cancer are still alive five years after diagnosis. Yet, about 11,500 women and 80 men still die from breast cancer each year. Many of these deaths could be avoided with earlier diagnosis. 


Mammograms are extremely effective and can detect breast cancer long before any symptoms – such as breast lumps – are apparent.

A mammogram is recommended for all women over the age of 45 every two years. Women with a family history of the disease may need to start screening at a younger age.

Medcare works with a screening clinic on the Costa Blanca to ensure all women have easy access to mammograms.

Our GP, Dr Najma Hussain, says: “Too many women are dying from breast cancer, yet if caught early, before the cancer has spread, treatments can be very effective. Mammograms can detect cancer before any physical symptoms appear, and they remain the best way to diagnose breast cancer at the earliest stage and save lives.” 

Also, to encourage women to have a mammogram, Medcare offers a promotional discount on mammograms every year. Join the mailing list so you are notified when the promotions for these important check are released.

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