Young Woman with Her Hand on Her Belly and Man Beside Her WritingBecause it helps to talk

Sometimes we have problems, feelings or emotions that are difficult to deal with on our own. At such times psychotherapy can be extremely helpful. Known as the ‘talking cure’, psychotherapy will help you to explore and work toward solving your problems in a secure and sympathetic environment.

Psychotherapy can help with conditions such as depression, bereavement, poor self-confidence and obsessive behaviour, as well as with relationship issues, addictions, phobias, anxiety, sexual and physical abuse and more.

Through psychotherapy you will explore thoughts, experiences and emotions, and gradually bring forward forgotten or unconscious memories and their associated feelings. In this way, you can slowly remove the negative impact and influence your past has on your life and relationships today.

Free consultation

We offer a free consultation for you to decide if our therapist is right for you. Only one consultation will be available at no cost, any subsequent appointments must be paid for.