Hearing tests

As we age, most of us lose a certain amount of hearing. Often this loss is gradual and we don’t realise at first. We may just start to think people are speaking quietly or wonder why we get told to turn the TV down.

Often people find it hard to admit they have a hearing problem and put off getting a hearing test. While we think nothing of getting an eye test, a hearing test somehow seems a bigger deal. Many people are in denial about their hearing loss.

But hearing tests are vitally important. If you ignore your hearing loss it will be harder to correct with a hearing aid. This is because, over time, if you do not hear certain sounds your brain will lose the ability to recognise them – so even when a hearing aid is fitted and the sounds are audible to you, your brain will find it difficult to process them.

Hearing tests and aids

Hearing tests are simple and there are many excellent hearing aids now available to restore your hearing. It is important that you see a qualified professional who can accurately assess your hearing and ensure you get the right hearing aid for your needs. Medcare can refer you to a specialist for a professional hearing test.

Ear syringing is also available at Medcare. Contact us for details.

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