Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, accounting for almost a quarter of male cancers. Each year, nearly 32,000 men in the UK are diagnosed, and more than 10,000 die from the disease. Men have a one in 14 lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer.

Cases are rare in men under 50 but the chance of developing the disease increases after that age. If diagnosed early, prostate cancer can be successfully treated: it is, therefore, advisable to have routine checks.

Medcare’s clinics on the Costa Blanca offer prostate cancer screening to all men as part of the Medcare Health Check Plan. Screening is also available to non-Medcare members. Screening includes a PSA blood test.

If you are worried about prostate cancer or need help or advice about diagnosing the disease, or help to understand or access treatments available for prostate cancer on the Costa Blanca, visit the Medcare GP.