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Infections contracted through intimacy, for all ages.

Whatever you age, if you are intimate with a new partner you really should get a check for infections. Fully confidential and now just 190 euros for a full screening.



The Menopause Check

All women will eventually experience the menopause, when they are no longer naturally able to conceive. Usually around the ages of 54. At Medcare you can have a Menopause Check to discuss your symptoms, talk about methods and treatments to help you and have a hormone profile blood test to confirm you are going through the menopause. This is ONLY 69 euros.

The Male Menopause Check

Although men do not have the same universal experience as women in a halt in fertility, many men do experience signs of their decrease in testosterone. Dubbed the male menopause, it can, for some men, affect day to day loving. At Medcare you can discuss your symptoms, talk about treatments that might help how you are feeling and have a testosterone blood test to confirm the reason for your symptoms. This is ONLY 69 euros.

Cardivascular Risk Assessment

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s biggest killer. In order to check your risk of developing stroke or heart disease in the next 10 years you should consider a Risk Assessment from Medcare which will tell you. This invaluable check is only 99 euros.


Alcohol Awareness Audit

The outdoor lifestyle here on the Costa blanca is great for most people in many respects, however, medical professionals are noticing more patients displaying health issues brought about by a higher alcohol consumption than is healthy. It is not always necessary to completely cut out alcohol, a reduction can still be beneficial. Have a confidential consultation with the nurse at Medcare for ONLY 35 euros and she will advise you.

More Promotions

We are extending our teeth whitening offer for in-clinic whitening treatments – which means you only have to pay €195 instead of €250 for a dazzling smile. Read more…

Dental implants are the best way to permanently replace a missing tooth, and now we can offer them at a lower price. So if you are interested in dental implants book a free consultation. Read more...

It is now possible to get your teeth straightened without wire braces. The latest technology means we can now offer invisible teeth alignment. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION NOW. Read more…

Varicose and thread veins can be uncomfortable and unsightly – but there’s no need to hide your legs away all summer.  Contact us to book your FREE vein check today.  Call 966 860 258 or use the contact us box on the right to request an appointment.   Read more…

Always available

Some of our great offers are always available for you

Whatever your medical or dental needs, just get in touch with our friendly team and we will do what we can to help. And, remember, there are no language barriers as we all speak English.

Gaps in your teeth not only spoil your smile, they can leave other teeth weakened as gum recedes. Implants are the ultimate in tooth replacement. Find out more with a free consultation.

Few of us sit, walk and stand perfectly, and over time this can cause problems and pain. A body alignment check can improve pain and prevent problems. More on osteopathy…

Life is full of twists and turns, and sometimes we need a little extra help to cope. Our experienced and sympathetic psychotherapist can help you through many of life’s traumas.

Whatever your medical or dental needs, just get in touch with our friendly team and we will do what we can to help. And, remember, there are no language barriers as we all speak English.

Regular dental examinations allow problems to be treated early, which means less treatment and healthier teeth and gums. Book a dental examination now. Free first time and members.