Bowel cancer is now the SECOND most common cause of cancer death in the UK.

BBC journalist Jeremy Bowen has revealed he has bowel cancer after he underwent a test, despite showing no symptoms of the illness. The Middle East editor declared this week that he was diagnosed in October after suffering “funny pains” in his legs and back last year whilst in Iraq. He said he underwent a test despite showing no symptoms of the illness. The 59-year-old is now receiving treatment after he underwent surgery to remove a tumour. He decided to go public with his bowel cancer diagnosis because if it helps others “it’s time well spent”.  You can read his story here.

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In the UK someone dies from bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer and might also be called colon cancer or rectal cancer) every 30 minutes. This statistic is even more shocking when we consider that regular bowel cancer screening could easily slash the number of deaths from the disease.

Bowel cancer incidence is strongly related to age, with the highest incidence rates being in older people. In the UK in 2013-2015, on average each year more than 4 in 10 (44%) of new cases were in people aged 75 and over.

Age-specific incidence rates rise steeply from around age 50-54. The highest rates are in the 85 to 89 age group for males and females. The average age for diagnosis is 68 in men and 72 in women.

And, with bowel cancer screening being so simple, there really is no reason not to get tested.

Bowel cancer screening only requires a stool test – and you can collect the sample yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom.

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Regular screening is important because it can aid early diagnosis – highlighting a problem before symptoms appear. As with all cancers, the earlier you receive a diagnosis the greater your chances of making a full recovery.

Testing is a good idea for everyone, whether you have symptoms or not – especially if you are aged over 50 – and you should never wait until you have severe symptoms.

If you do have any of the following symptoms, though, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Bleeding from the anus and/or blood in stools
  • A change in bowel habit lasting for three weeks or more, especially diarrhoea
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Abdominal pain or lump

Symptoms new

It probably will not be bowel cancer, but it could be. If it is, the sooner you seek help the better your chances.]


Watch Lester speak about his experience with bowel cancer.


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