Well Man and Well Woman ClinicsBecause early detection saves lives

Medcare offers comprehensive Well Man and Well Woman health checks (also called Health Checks). Any health problems highlighted by the checks can be quickly investigated by the GP and the earliest possible treatment delivered.

For Women

A Medcare Well Woman check includes a cervical smear test and advice on lifestyle, contraception and HRT when necessary. There will also be a check for urinary tract diseases, which are more likely to affect women than men. Urinary tract infections often don’t display symptoms, but if left untreated they can cause serious kidney disease. Mammograms are available on request.

All women, particularly those between the ages of 25 and 65, should be regularly screened for cervical cancer. In the UK, cervical screening, or smear tests, save thousands of lives each year. If caught early, this type of cancer can be treated very successfully, or even prevented from developing past the pre-cancer stage. However, if not detected in time, it is a killer.

Women over the age of 45 should undergo regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer. Breast cancer accounts for a third of cancers in women, with one in eight women in the UK developing the disease. Breast cancer responds well to treatment if detected early. Discounted mammograms are available to Health Check Plan members. The Health Check Plan is one of the types of membership available.

For Men

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, accounting for almost a quarter of male cancers. Each year, nearly 32,000 men in the UK are diagnosed, and more than 10,000 die from the disease. Men have a one in 14 lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer. Cases are rare in men under 50 but the chance of developing the disease increases after that age. If diagnosed early, prostate cancer can be successfully treated: it is, therefore, advisable to have routine checks, especially if symptomatic.

For Everyone

Medcare Well Person checks include a complete review of your medical history, a full examination with a doctor and extensive blood tests to screen for a variety of conditions, such as liver and kidney disease, anaemia, infection, high cholesterol and diabetes, and thyroid conditions. Plus everyone will receive an ECG test to check heart health.

The checks also include eye and hearing tests, if required, as well as nutritional, sexual health, exercise and lifestyle advice.

To book your Well Person check, or discuss the Health Check Plan or membership, call 966 860 258 or email doctors@medcarespain.com