Find a membership plan just right for you

You don’t have to become a member of Medcare to use our services, but many people find that membership packages suit their needs – and save them money. And, because everyone is different, we have a choice of membership plans so there will always be one that is just right for you.

1) Membership

Great News! From July 1st 2018, when you visit the Medcare GP, you pay a 95 euros consultation fee and you will automatically be given FREE membership!

The benefits you will receive as a valued member are as follows;

  • Subsequent doctor consultations will be just €40.
  • Special member reductions on blood tests
  • Member discounts on dental work and many other services
  • Cervical smear test only €55
  • Half price mammogram – just €65
  • PSA blood tests for prostate cancer only €40
  • Priority appointments
  • Prescriptions issued free

What is the ABC?

This innovative check was designed to help patients be proactive and stay in control of their own health and lifestyle choices. It is a check-up of your overall health.

Who can have the check?

It is available to anyone, but particularly relevant to those aged 40-74 who have NOT had a stroke, heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease.  Or for those over 65 who have an increased risk of dementia.

How will the ABC help you?

It will measure your risk of developing health problems. Now, you are provided with a QRISK assessment. This is a prediction (based upon certain criteria like cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI etc) of the likelihood in your developing stroke or heart disease in the next 10 years.

You will be given preventative advice. And as an ABC can detect serious problems before they do any serious damage, you can look forward to a healthier and happier future.

What happens at the check?

  • It is performed by the practice nurse.
  • It only takes 20 minutes.
  • Lifestyle questionnaire including family history, social habits.
  • Height, weight and BMI are recorded.
  • Blook pressure checked.
  • Simple blood test for cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Dietary advice offered if necessary.
  • Risk factors assessed and results and advice given during follow-up doctor’s appointment (at 40 euros)

2) Health check plan

A very comprehensive and popular plan, the Health Check Plan incorporates a thorough Well Man or Well Woman Health Check.

As early detection of disease can save lives, these plans offer patients the reassurance of knowing they will get prompt diagnoses and the earliest possible treatment for any hidden health problems.

Importantly, our health checks include prostate cancer checks for men and cervical cancer checks for women. All these cancers can be successfully treated if caught early but are killers if left undetected. See our Health Check Plan page for more details of what is covered by our Well Man and Well Woman Health Checks.

In addition to the Well Man and Well Woman Health Checks, the Health Check Plan gives you a number of free GP consultations and a host of other benefits.

Our health check plans are great for single people, couples, children or whole families.

3) Diabetes plan

Because diabetes, probably more than any other disease, requires constant monitoring and careful management, we have developed a dedicated plan to provide our diabetes patients with exactly the care they need. Medcare diabetes care is delivered in accordance with the UK diabetes national service framework, which is designed for optimal care.

This plan gives members access to all the specialist checks and services that are vital for the successful control of diabetes, in an extremely affordable manner.

Diabetes Plan members will receive help and advice on monitoring their condition, making lifestyle changes and controlling their medication. The diabetes plan will cover all aspects of health care including medical issues, foot care, nutrition and eye care – all provided by a team of specialists.


Call or pop in to sign up and immediately benefit from being a Medcare member! Call 966 860 258 or email

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