It is now ten years on from the publicised illness and death of Jade Goody, the young mother who was diagnosed with cervical cancer and died shortly after at age 27. In her final months she was seen to be actively promoting cervical screening for young women and thanks to her tenacity, Public Health England saw a rise of nearly half a million women going for their screening.

However, now sadly, all Jade’s hard work seems to be in the past as women are missing their cervical smear appointments, putting them off and putting their lives at risk.

Screening rates dropping dramatically

Screening attendance rates have dropped to the lowest for at least 21 years, which is dramatic given the large upsurge 10 years ago.

Around 3000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer per year in the UK. Of which around 28% (approx 1000) die. The highest incidence is in women aged 25-29. Although around 10% of cases are in women over 75.

One in four miss screening for embarrassment

One in four women are missing their appointment due to embarrassment about body shape. Other women say they are more reluctant to give up an appointment at the gym than their cervical smear appointment. And more than a quarter of those who do not attend their screening say they didn’t go because they were healthy and more than a third believe that screening actually reduces your cancer risk.

Cervical smear can help PREVENT cancers

In fact, smear tests prevent 75% of cervical cancers and mortality rates have dropped up 70% since screening began in the UK in 1988.

In England, many women say they struggle to get an appointment, perhaps a convenient appointment is what they mean, but availability is obviously troublesome. Fortunately at Medcare, you will not have this problem as appointments are usually available the same week for a smear, and results are usually provided within a couple of weeks. IF further exploration or treatment is required, Medcare offers hospital referrals and appointments are given within just a few days.

Cervical cancer is a cruel disease, taking young women, often away from their small children. However, if you are over 55, do not be complacent. Cancer can and does strike at any age. And as cells in the body change all the time it is recommended that you have a screening at least every 2 years.

NOT painful

Cervical screening is slightly uncomfortable, however it is not painful. The procedure is carried out by Medcare’s female nurse Susie who is highly experienced and puts patients at ease.

Don’t live in ignorance, make your appointment as soon as you are due. Medcare offers cervical screening as part of the Well Woman check (General Health Check), or on its own. And emails are sent out during the year when there are health promotions. Join the mailing list so you can save money with Medcare!

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