Hospital referralsFinding the right specialist at the right hospital is vital

The Medcare GP works in close contact with top specialists at private and public hospitals in Spain. As such she and can refer patients for all types of surgery, diagnostics and hospital care. Thousands of ex-pats living in Spain, overseas visitors and health tourists have received the specialist care they need with ease thanks to Medcare.

Resident in Spain

If you live in Spain and need surgery or hospital care, it can be bewildering knowing which hospital and specialist will best suit your needs. With Medcare, you can discuss all your health issues with a British GP who can refer you to the right surgeon at the right hospital for you. If you are entitled to use the Spanish public health system, the Medcare GP can work with your Spanish GP to help make the process easier. If you opt to go private, the Medcare GP can refer you to the best private health provider.

Private health tourism to Spain

Many patients who do not live in Spain choose to come here to take advantage of the excellent private health system for operations and diagnostic screening, including CT scans, cataract surgery, knee and hip operations and many other procedures. Medcare will refer patients to specialists for these operations, and more.

Private healthcare in Spain is not only of a very high standard, it can also offer significant savings on the price of similar procedures in the UK and Ireland thanks to lower overheads.

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