funky-doctor3Medcare was founded in 2005 when UK registered GP Dr Najma Hussain took over an existing medical practice in Alfaz del Pi and set up a comprehensive general practice surgery that met with British guidelines and standards.

The need for the service was clear as, although Spain has an excellent health service, many British residents are uncomfortable dealing with medical matters in a foreign language and prefer a British GP or dentist – and for some this meant their health was neglected.

While there were some medical practices offering medical care in English, most of these were run by specialist doctors rather than general practitioners, and so were not able to offer the comprehensive primary care services that are so vital to the patient’s general health.

Medcare’s aim was to ensure that all British residents living in the Costa Blanca region of Spain had easy access to quality GP services in English, so that nobody had to miss out on essential health care or important preventative checks. To this end, Medcare’s first clinic in Alfaz del Pi offered its patients everything they could expect and were used to receiving from a UK GP practice. It was an immediate hit and, as demand grew, a second Medcare clinic was established in Benijofar, Rojales.


From the beginning Medcare wanted to ensure that the service it provided was accessible and affordable for everyone. This is still the guiding principle behind Medcare today.

While at the heart of Medcare there still remains a comprehensive and affordable GP service, Medcare has developed far beyond the reaches of a traditional UK GP practice.

The Medcare group now encompasses general medical and surgical, dental and cosmetic treatments and surgery.

A complementary range of  services is also offered, including psychology, osteopathy, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and chiropody.

Thousands of Medcare patients have now come to trust the Medcare brand for all their healthcare needs.