Medcare is open to everyone, whether Spanish resident, holidaymaker or private health tourist.

There are a number of ways you can use Medcare, and it is easy to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Membership plans

The most popular and cost-effective way to use Medcare’s GP services is to become a Medcare member. We have a number of membership plans to suit all needs. Membership plans are good for people requiring ongoing care, or who wish to have their own British GP in the same way as in the UK. Membership plans enable you to register with Medcare and make significant savings.

Have a look at our Membership plans page for details, or contact us to discuss which plan will best suit your needs.

What do I get as a member?

As a member you are entitled to special benefits and immediately save money on services provided!

  • Consultations (20 minutes) with the doctor only 40 euros
  • Annual Birthday Check
  • Priority appointments / fast track hospital appointments
  • Prescriptions issued for free
  • Does not affect Spanish Healthcare entitlement so can be used in conjunction with this
  • Further reductions on Dentistry, Osteopathy, Medical and Nursing services

Also available is a Health Check Plan. This includes Well Woman and Well Man checks. See here for full details.

One-off appointments

Single one-off appointments with the GP are also available. This is a popular option with holidaymakers and residents who don’t need a regular GP. Also importantly, now the residency rules have changed, if you are not yet a pensioner, or on a work contract or self employed in Spain, you can still access quality healthcare, in English, on an ad-hoc basis with Medcare.

From 1st July 2018, anyone making an appointment with the GP will be given FREE membership regardless, so you can get special benefits even if you don’t need to visit the GP often.

Non-GP services

You do not need to be a member of Medcare to access our non-GP services, including cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments such as Botox and fillers, dental (including orthodontics, implants and invisible teeth straightening), osteopathy and psychotherapy.

Looking for health insurance – Speak to us

You can’t put a price on peace of mind – and that is what you get with health insurance.

  • The peace of knowing that should you or a loved one fall ill, or have an accident, there will always be someone there to care for you.
  • Knowing that you will get the best doctors and the best treatment.
  • Knowing that you will get treatment when you need it – no waiting.
  • Knowing that you will be attended to in English.
  • Knowing that your residency application should be successful.
  • And finally, the peace of knowing you will be cared for in the best environment, by the best professionals.

But knowing which health insurance to choose is not always easy. So, speak to us. We work with different health insurance providers – e.g. Mapfre and Salus (EPS) – that can cover all your healthcare needs.

Our recommended insurers cover many of our services, but if you are using a different insurer, check. You may find you are covered for our services, too.

If you need further help, give us a call and we will be happy to advise you on health insurance.

Call 966 860 258 or email

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The doctor was very kind, very caring, really on the ball with quick diagnosis – a credit to the medical

Join Medcare and save

Everyone can use Medcare, but members get special benefits and save money on services.

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Dr Hussain, Medcare’s founding GP, trained and qualified as a doctor at Guy’s and

Health Check Plan

Our most comprehensive and popular plan, the Health Check Plan incorporates

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