Smile makeovers by Medcare

With cosmetic dentistry techniques, including whitening, veneers, bridges, invisible tooth alignment and implants, everyone can have the smile of their dreams. Medcare’s cosmetic dentistry team has helped hundreds of patients to a new smile.

Here are just a few…

Mrs J

“My treatment from start to finish was carried out by Tim with excellent care and attention. I probably wasn’t the easiest patient but Tim answered all my questions and concerns with patience, nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend Tim and his team!” (Sept 2018)

Peter Leech

Twenty-nine-year-old Peter had always been unhappy with his smile. He visited Medcare dentist Timothy Holt for a smile consultation to see what could be done. Tim recommended veneers and a crown to straighten Peter’s teeth and a tooth whitening session for a little extra gleam. The result is a beautiful white, even smile that Peter is delighted with.

Maria José García Arroyo

Years of smoking had taken their toll on Maria’s teeth. Over time she lost many teeth and, unhappy with the appearance of her mouth, was left with little to smile about. Medcare dentist Rocio Velasco changed all that by fitting Maria with a stunning set of natural-looking dentures. Maria was so happy she cried at the final fitting.

Patricia Darvill

Former smoker Patricia, 65, came to dentist Rocio with discoloured and crooked teeth. She really wanted a new smile but was terrified of dentists and asked for sedation. Rocio put her at her ease, though, and she had fillings, tooth whitening and four veneers quite happily without sedation. Now, she says she is so delighted that she can’t stop smiling.

Orthodontics patient 

This teenager had strong but crooked teeth, top and bottom. Rocio’s orthodontic patient has recently completed his treatment and now he has a set of lovely straight teeth. He told us he was; ¨Very happy with the results¨.









Some more happy patients

Teeth whitening – Mrs V erased 20 years of smoking with the help of Medcare’s dentist.

Mrs. V: I smoked heavily for more than 20 years and once I stopped I started to really notice how stained my teeth were. I knew from a friend that Medcare were offering a teeth whitening service, so booked an appointment. It only took about 45 minutes and, I must admit, I am amazed at the results. I was advised not to drink coffee or red wine for a while but that was a small price to pay – the results are outstanding!

Dental phobia – Mrs P overcame a fear of dentists through the gentle care of Medcare dental.

Mr. P: Hands up, I hate dentists and only ever go very reluctantly. Unfortunately, I developed a cavity and after putting up with the discomfort for months, it suddenly became really painful, necessitating a visit to the dreaded dentist. The Medcare dentist was a gem. She was patient, kind and, hand on heart, she didn’t hurt me one bit. I will definitely return with less hesitation to the Medcare dental chair.

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