Saved by Well Man check

‘If I had not had a Well Man check at Medcare I don’t know what would have become of me.’

This is what one of our patients, Roy Tennant told us recently.

Roy only stumbled on Medcare by chance when he visited our stand at the This is Spain exhibition a couple of years ago.

We were offering free blood pressure checks and Roy was shocked at his high reading.
He came to our surgery the next day and the doctor prescribed blood pressure medication. And, as he had been so surprised by his high reading, Roy sensibly thought a thorough health check might be a good idea.

A full Medcare Well Man MOT revealed Roy had a heart arrhythmia and needed medication, and his prostate check showed a slightly raised reading.

Our doctor advised the reading be checked again in three months and, now vigilant about his health, Roy returned for a second reading. When this turned out to be a lot higher the doctor sent him to a urologist who diagnosed prostate cancer.

Surgery was quickly scheduled and thankfully Roy’s PSA reading dropped right down.
It was great to see a healthy Roy at our stand at the recent Homes and Gardens exhibition when he dropped in to tell us how well things were going.

He said that if it had not been for the body MOT he would not be alive today and could not thank our doctor enough for finding the heart arrhythmia and picking up the prostate problem.

Medcare offers body MOTs for men and women. If you need more information or you simply want to consult with our doctors or schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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