GP care

We provide a full British GP service based on UK Department of Health guidelines, led by a British GP. All primary care services typically offered by a UK GP practice are available at Medcare.

Our aim is to offer a total GP solution for British people living in Spain by providing an affordable GP service in English. We think this is important as not only is it easier, and safer, to communicate medical issues in your own language. Being able to do so also means no more costly or embarrassing encounters with translators. In fact, the cost of using the Medcare GP can be less than paying a translator to accompany you to a Spanish GP.

Using Medcare does not cut you off from the Spanish system. Should you need to be referred for hospital treatment, the Medcare GP can refer you to a private consultant or help with the process of accessing care under the Spanish health system if you are entitled to use it by liaising with your Spanish GP.

For patients who still have health care entitlements or private health cover in the UK, we can liaise directly with UK specialists, ensuring a fully integrated service.

Our GP can also issue prescriptions if you require medications that are not available over the counter. This service can also be used by holidaymakers who have forgotten to pack medications or have lost their medicines while on holiday.

You may choose to register with the Medcare GP or to consult on an ad-hoc basis.

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