Our most comprehensive and popular plan, the Health Check Plan incorporates a thorough Well Man or Well Woman Health Check.

In addition to the Well Man and Well Woman Health Checks, the Health Check Plan gives you a number of free GP consultations and a host of other benefits

For Women

Women on the Health Check Plan will get –

  • a cervical smear test
  • advice on contraception and HRT if required
  • a check for urinary tract diseases, which are more likely to affect women than men. Urinary tract infections often don’t display symptoms, but if left untreated they can cause serious kidney disease
  • Mammograms are available on request (at a reduced cost)

For Men

  • a PSA blood test to aid diagnosis of prostate cancer

For everyone

  • a complete review of medical history
  • a full examination with a doctor
  • extensive blood tests to screen for a variety of conditions, such as liver and kidney disease, anaemia, infection, high cholesterol,diabetes, thyroid conditions
  • an ECG test to check heart health

Checks also available include eye and hearing tests (if required, and at a reduced cost), as well as nutritional, sexual health, exercise and lifestyle advice.

Who benefits from a Health Check?

Health checks are designed to look for risk factors or early signs of diseases – the two most common being heart disease or cancer. A quarter of premature deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) and an estimated 50-80% of them are preventable. So any checks that could help early detection are surely a good thing

The NHS recommends that everyone aged between 40 and 74 can benefit from having a Health Check to pick up early signs of stroke risk, diabetes, dementia, and heart and kidney disease.

The scale of undetected conditions such as high blood pressure is enormous. The British Heart Foundation estimates that seven million UK citizens have undiagnosed high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease or a stroke. Indeed studies have shown that of the 1.5 million adults in England who have taken up the NHS health check, one in 27 were found to have high blood pressure of which they were previously unaware

What happens in the Health Check?

Patients will have two appointments with the nurse. At the first appointment you will complete the questionnaire, have your blood tests and ECG.

The second appointment is to receive your test results and be given a medication review if necessary.

What are the benefits of a Health Check Plan?

As well as the important tests for diseases and cancers, as a Health Check Plan member you benefit from a number of other advantages.

  • 4 free appointments with the doctor for single plan patients or 6 for a couple (can be split any way).
  • Priority appointments.
  • Direct/indirect referrals to specialists/hospital.
  • Prescriptions issued for free.
  • B12 injections (when medically applicable).
  • Discounts on additional blood tests, where required.
  • Ongoing blood monitoring for patients with thyroid conditions.
  • Paperwork all in English.

The Health Check Plan is available for single people or couples.

For more information and to join the Health Check Plan call 966 860 258 or email doctors@medcarespain.com

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