The people who can really tell you about us are our patients. Read what some of our cosmetics patients are saying…

Fillers – Mrs J had jowels filled for a younger look

I had Juvéderm in my jowels earlier this year, and am very happy with the results. There was no noticeable redness or swelling and minimal discomfort. I look a lot better but it’s not obvious why. Medcare was recommended to me by a friend who’d had fillers and looked great. I think the result depends on the skill of the practitioner. I hope it lasts a long time, but I won’t hesitate to return for regular top-ups.

Tummy tuck – Mrs D is  happy with her new, flat stomach

I have always been slim, but after the birth of my second child no amount of time spent at the gym could get rid of my flabby belly.  I was visiting Medcare on an unrelated matter and decided to mention to the doctor how unhappy I was with this area of flab around my middle. The doctor suggested I saw their plastic surgeon for an initial chat. How pleased I am that I did! The surgeon was very sympathetic and understood my discomfort with my appearance.  He explained in detail what the surgery would entail and after I had all the information I needed, I decided to go ahead. Immediately after surgery I could see the difference and six weeks later it was even more noticeable. I will certainly be visiting the beach this year feeling more confident.

Tummy tuckStephanie, Alicante

I had a tummy tuck in September 2011 and I cannot fault the service from Medcare. My surgeon, Dr Esbry, was very professional and compassionate at all times and made me feel at ease before my surgery. Being a diabetic I had complications that were expected but the surgeon resolved these during the excellent aftercare that I received. Dr Esbry went out of his way for a good few weeks to help me and deal with my complications, that arose through no fault of the surgery, and I am very grateful for that. Dr Esbry is an excellent surgeon and I am very pleased with my surgery and happy with my flat stomach. I would recommend Medcare to anyone for the surgery they want or need.

Facelift – A facelift for her 50th birthday took years off Mrs W

Words cannot express how delighted I am with my surgery. As my 50th birthday approached I had been considering having a facelift. My husband offered to pay for it as a birthday present and I immediately contacted Medcare to make the necessary arrangements. I found the plastic surgeon informative and reassuring at all times, and I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. The surgeon, nurses and anaesthetist were wonderful on the day of surgery and set me completely at ease.  I don’t look old and weary anymore, and this has given me great happiness and confidence for future challenges! Thank you all so very much. I must add that my husband is very pleased with his new, young-looking wife!

Breast enhancement – Mrs C gained a better proportioned figure

First of all I want to say thanks to Medcare’s plastic surgeon for the very professional treatment I received. I have always felt that my breasts were out of proportion with the rest of my body, giving me a rather pear shaped appearance, which I hated. I finally plucked up the courage and sought advice from the Medcare plastic surgeon. He was very professional and patiently explained the process to me. Three months later, I am extremely happy with the results and now feel I am in proportion. The scars have healed very quickly and are now a pale pink. I feel more confident and am happy now to show off my new cleavage.

Breast lift – Mrs D regained her body confidence with a breast lift

After a long and far from amicable divorce that left me broken and lacking in confidence I decided to have a breast lift; something I had often thought about but never had the courage to do. I met the team at Medcare and Dr Esbry and was filled with admiration for his work. He is a very professional surgeon and fills you with confidence. I had my operation and I am a changed woman. I love my new look and I couldn’t praise everyone highly enough. Everyone is helpful, attentive and nothing is too much trouble.

Breast lift and vaginal reduction – Mrs R had surgery for Christmas

When my husband announced he had organised my Christmas present – an appointment with Medcare to find out about a breast lift – I said, ‘no thank you, I would rather have a diamond ring or a fur coat.’ However, I was persuaded by the thought of having a vaginal reduction at the same time – a problem that has caused me so much discomfort over the years. I found the staff at Medcare diplomatic, understanding and thoughtful. Equally the staff at the hospital were helpful and attentive, whilst providing a quick and efficient service. My procedures were performed together by their expert plastic surgeon with, I am delighted to say, excellent results. The surgeon is an extremely nice and very professional man. I cannot praise the team enough. I am now wondering what to suggest for my birthday.

Breast reduction – Mrs F had her breasts made smaller because of discomfort

I have had large breasts ever since I was a teenager. Although my friends were all jealous at school, as I got older I became more and more uncomfortable. I hated that there were no nice, pretty bras in my size. I always liked going to the gym, but felt embarrassed in the public changing room and would hide behind a towel to change. And, I couldn’t exercise as much as I wanted as it was too uncomfortable with such large breasts. After talking to the Medcare surgeon, I knew that breast reduction was what I wanted. I can honestly say I feel like a new woman now. I can finally wear pretty bras and exercise as much as I like.

Liposuction – Before liposuction, Mrs B was self-conscious about her thighs

Even though I am not overweight, for as long as I can remember I’ve had areas of fat on my upper thighs that made me look as though my hips had slipped down. I was really self-conscious about it and did my best to dress to disguise this area. I tried all sorts of exercise, but nothing seemed to make any difference. Dieting was no good either as I would just lose weight from areas where I didn’t want to lose it, while my thighs stayed the same. I’d often thought about liposuction, but it took me ages to actually pluck up the courage to find out more. Now, I’m so glad I did. I won’t pretend the procedure was fun, but it really wasn’t that bad. And I soon forgot the discomfort once my new, slim thighs were revealed. My only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner.

Eye lift – Mrs S took off years with an eye lift

On noticing my eyelids were becoming rather baggy and ageing prematurely I thought it was time to consider an eye lift. My friend had already undergone a facelift through Medcare, which she was very pleased with and this gave me confidence to contact Medcare who referred me to their plastic surgeon. He explained everything to me in simple terms and made me feel very comfortable about having surgery done. I decided to go ahead and was absolutely delighted with the price, which was far less than I had expected. I no longer have droopy eyelids and all my friends say it has taken years off me. Thank you Medcare.

Rhinoplasty – Mr M was self-conscious about his crooked nose

My nose has always been crooked and this has made me feel very self-conscious, believing everybody was staring at my nose when talking to me. I happened to be chatting to a lady at our local bowls club who told me that she had a nose job through Medcare and was delighted with the results. I pondered calling Medcare for a few months, being nervous about having surgery, but I finally plucked up the courage. From my initial phone call to the day of my surgery the entire staff was very helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t have asked  for any more than I got during this emotional experience. I absolutely LOVE the results and can now hold my head up high.

Botox – Mrs W lost her scowl

Ever since I was a child I filtered all of my expression through my eyebrows.  My mum always told me to stop scowling and that I would regret it when I was older – how right she was! I am just under 30 and I had a permanent scowl between my brows. Even when I was relaxing there was a deep crease. It added many years to my appearance. I was wary about getting Botox but it seemed to be the best and safest way to remove years from my face. The doctor was very professional and explained the procedure in detail.  It was quick, nearly painless and I got exactly the results I had hoped for.

Fillers – Mrs T turned back time on her premature ageing

I had nose to mouth fillers – a little painful when the needle goes in but well worth it! I am in my late 20s with premature ageing thanks to sunbeds and smoking. This treatment looks and feels as though it has taken four to five years off of me. Very happy with the results.

Botox -Sara Lain loved the doctor’s professional and friendly approach

At 42, my time had arrived for me to think about having Botox.  As a national journalist I had read many articles about the treatment, some good, some bad.  So I decided to do my own research.  I contacted many clinics advertising in Spain, I was put off some by the fact they didn’t speak any English and I had lots of questions.
I then contacted Medcare.  I was invited to the clinic for a free consultation.  I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and friendly welcome. I was nervous at first but was soon put at ease by Dr Hussain’s friendly, gentle and professional approach.  Dr Hussain answered all my questions and more.
I went ahead with the treatment and never looked back.  I am over the moon with the results and have now moved on to collagen fillers.  It has made such a difference, people tell me I look 10 years younger. What can I say, I am now a regular visitor. I would most definitely recommend Medcare.


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