When *Carol came to Medcare for her first consultation with cosmetic surgeon DrBernabeu she had more reason than most to be nervous. For the surgery was not for herself but for her 18-year-old daughter *Sophie. But Dr Bernabeu quickly put her at her ease and now both mum and daughter are delighted with the results.

This is her story –

“At 18 Sophie was under developed chest-wise. She really had small breasts. Understandably she was self-conscious about it and it was affecting her confidence.

Although she was able to disguise her lack of breasts with padded bras most of the time, there were occasions when she couldn’t. She got teased when she was younger and had to shower at school. All the other girls were developing and Sophie just wasn’t. It was very hard for her.

Of course as far as I was concerned she was perfect, but it was important to her so about two years ago we went to see a surgeon. However, I did not feel comfortable with him and the way he treated Sophie. I also felt she was still too young and that we should wait a while longer to see how she developed.

When she turned 18 and still had small breasts, we decided it was time to seek another opinion. That’s when we came to Medcare and met cosmetic surgeon Dr Bernabeu.

As a mother, it is difficult to see your daughter have to cope with a situation like this. But Dr Bernabeu was wonderful. He quickly put us both at our ease. He explained everything to Sophie and made sure she was happy with the process. He talked to her about keeping her body in proportion and how he could give her a very natural look that would not appear like an obvious boob job or leave her looking like some celebrities with overly big boob jobs.

We knew immediately that this was the right surgeon and that he would not do anything that he did not think was right for Sophie.

Sophie had her surgery in Medimar hospital in Alicante. Everyone was very kind to her and she was well looked after. And even though he was the surgeon, Dr Bernabeu didn’t just turn up for the operation and then leave the rest to everyone else. He was there every step of the way – before, during and after the surgery. The only way I can describe him is that he was absolutely faultless.

Sophie’s operation was seven months ago now and we couldn’t be more happy. It has made such a difference to her. She has gained so much confidence and feels good about herself. It is lovely to see that she can wear whatever she wants without feeling self-conscious.

We are both so pleased we found Dr Bernabeu at Medcare and would recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.”

*Names have been changed

4 reasons to have implants in Spain

1. Cost – it is generally quite a bit cheaper to have breast implants in Spain than in the UK.

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