young beautiful model injecting a cosmetic treatmentFifty-year-old Alison is a big fan of Botox and one of Medcare’s regular patients. She told us why she has Botox and why she chooses Medcare for her treatments…

I first had Botox ten years ago when I lived in the UK. I remember being concerned by the wrinkles and prominent frown lines on my forehead when looking at some holiday snaps. These lines were very noticeable and I thought that they aged me.

I have always wanted to look the age I feel inside and when I saw those snaps I did a bit of research about Botox.

I looked for a private doctor and found one who specialised in aesthetics and had my first treatment. Afterwards the wrinkles disappeared – it seemed like a miracle cure so I continued to have Botox treatments. Back then I was having them every four months.

Medcare experience

I started having treatments with Medcare after moving to Spain around seven years ago.

I have been very impressed with my treatment from the Medcare doctor, who is very thorough. She has always explained the procedures to me, which is something I cannot overemphasize the importance of. A friend of mine in Englandonce had Botox injections, but it wasn’t explained to her that she needed to remain upright for some hours after.

The result was she lay on her side after her treatment and suffered from partial facial paralysis and a drooping eyelid.

I now have Botox every six to eight months. It is very quick and is conducted in a lovely environment. Results with Medcare are excellent and longer lasting.

There is a loyalty scheme for patients, which is a bonus.

I wouldn’t have Botox anywhere, now. I would only go to a qualified health professional.

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