Steve Ashley, psychologist and psychotherapist

Steve Ashley has been with Medcare since we opened in 2005. He is a graduate psychologist with a post-graduate qualification in psychotherapy, holding registrations with the London-based UK Council for Psychotherapists, the European Association of Psychotherapy in Vienna, the Ministry of Science and Innovation in Madrid and the Official College of Psychotherapists in Valencia.

Steve holds weekly surgeries in the Medcare clinics. He deals with all kinds of issues, ranging from depression, child sexual and physical abuse, addictions, bereavement and rape, phobias, obsessions, sexual identity to marriage and relationship counselling.


He offers services in the following areas;

Life Coaching – Life coaching can help you get back in control and going forward.  In just a few sessions you can understand why you have got lost, rediscover your sense of purpose and what is really important for you, and then make a plan to achieve it.  This is available and applicable to individuals, couples, families and groups.

Couple Counselling – If you feel that your relationship is no longer a positive, mutually-beneficial undertaking, and is actually under threat, counselling can help. It can assist both individuals and couples who want to work to get a relationship going forward once again. Work is most valuable when both partners jointly and freely enter into it. Support is available to develop a plan to make life rewarding for both of you, whichever path you subsequently choose to follow.

Organisational Development – Organisational development, using a psychoanalytic approach backed by many years experience in the corporate world can help. Your company can have an easily expressed and understood purpose where everyone knows the part they play. You can have a working culture that encourages your team to improve and grow your business by delighting your customers.

Psychotherapy – Psychotherapy is classically defined as “the talking cure” and this is essentially what you and the therapist work together to bring you. Sessions last for 50 minutes and occur at regular times each week. They are initially scheduled on a weekly basis, but frequency can be increased in you need more support, particularly during the more testing periods of the therapy.


Steve was instrumental in setting up the Samaritans for English speakers in Spain. Not just for the suicidal, this service has been invaluable to hundreds of depressed and lonely people who have been desperate to talk to someone without judgement or opinion for over 15 years. (You can call Samaritans in Spain on Freephone 900 525 100)

Of course, as with all patients at Medcare, your personal details and medical records relating to your psychotherapy sessions are confidential.

To make an appointment to meet Steve and see how he can help you, call 966 860 258 or email


Steve Ashley, qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist in his Medcare Benijofar office


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