new year health check

Book your discounted health check now and ensure you and your loved ones have the best chance of a healthy 2018. But hurry, this has always been our most popular health promotion and appointments get snapped up fast.

Included in your heavily discounted health check – for just €210

  • Screening for cervical, bowel and prostate cancer
  • Comprehensive blood tests
  • Screening for diabetes
  • Screening for liver and kidney disease
  • Screening for anaemia and infection
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure checks
  • Screening for thyroid problems
  • ECG
  • BMI check

Plus –  As a a Medcare patient you can book to have the following FREE appointments;

Dental examination

Osteopath body alignment check

Surgical cosmetic (Aesthetics)

Non-surgical (Aesthetics)


Varicose / Spider vein check

Additional services can be included in your care plan, but may incur additional charges, such as any tests or procedures requiring a hospital referral, scans, x-rays, mammograms for example.

Why are health checks important?

Many thousands of people die unnecessarily every year from diseases that could have been treated if diagnosed early enough. And the best way to diagnose disease early, usually before symptoms have even presented, is through regular health screening.

Our senior GP, Dr Najma Hussain, is committed to health screening, and that is why we are offering this discounted health check.

She says: “Tragically, I see too many people die needlessly because disease is detected far too late for want of a few simple tests.

“Many British expats on the Costa Blanca seem to be particularly vulnerable because language barriers or not knowing what health screening is available means they are even less likely to attend for screening.”

“Over the years our health checks have saved lives as patients have discovered they have the early stages of disease. It is not easy finding out you have a life-threatening illness, but not finding out will almost certainly be a lot worse.”

Routine health checks and early diagnosis can stop some of the biggest killers from claiming lives – including heart disease, prostate cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer.


Terms and conditions

  • Offer valid until end of January 2018
  • Appointment times are restricted
  • Some additional tests may incur extra charges
  • Credit card charges apply

Don't delay - book today

Book a discounted health check for you and your loved ones this January. It may just turn out to be the best thing you do all year. Call 966 860 258