Medcare medical and dental clinic

For all your medical needs in Spain, we provide a full British GP service based on UK Department of Health guidelines.

Our medical team is led by a British GP and all our medical and reception staff speak English, so you can feel completely confident accessing our services.

For the many thousands of British ex-pats registered with us, we offer primary care, prescriptions, minor surgery and hospital referrals.

More than just a GP clinic

We also have a wide range of complementary medical services such as osteopathy, psychotherapy, massage therapy, chiropody, hypnotherapy and hearing tests. Many of our therapists are British and those of other nationalities speak English fluently.

GP services for residents and holidaymakers

You don’t have to live in Spain to access Medcare GP services as we also cater for the medical needs of visitors and holidaymakers.

Get in touch

Whatever your health needs, get in touch with us. Simply fill in the form on the right, email or call our friendly reception team on 966 860 258.

We are here to help