healthy woman

Following a routine Health check with Medcare, Mrs G discovered she had incredibly high blood pressure of well over recommended levels and so high that she was at serious risk of coronary heart disease (stroke).

Mrs G. had absolutely no idea her health was in such peril and this diagnosis came as a shock to her. However, Medcare’s GP quickly put her on a course of treatment and started to monitor her. Soon, the doctor saw Mrs G’s blood pressure return to more normal levels and her risk of stroke and heart disease has lessened.

“The Health Check was just something I thought would be a good idea, I had no idea there was anything wrong with me, I thought the headaches and dizzy spells were just down to the climate. I am so relieved that I booked in for the Health Check with Medcare, and also when it was at the reduced price! I probably saved my own life, and some money in the process!” – Mrs G.


Mrs S. came to Medcare for a Health Check as she had some instances of breast cancer in her family and was very concerned about some bumps she had noticed in her own breasts. As part of the Health Check, she received a Mammogram as well as a smear test to check for cervical cancer. Mrs S. was so worried at her appointment she was very emotional and feared the worst. However, once her test results came back from the Mammogram and the cervical smear, all her fears were put to rest because she had no signs of any breast or cervical cancer. Mrs S. was so relieved and thrilled to be given the all clear. She has been for routine checks each year to continue feeling peace of mind.

“I had built myself up into such a state with worry after having lost a couple of family members in the past to cancer, I was sure that I had breast cancer when I noticed some lumps in my breasts. Doctor Hussain was so reassuring and thorough, and referred me for a Mammogram and a follow up appointment. I lived on tenterhooks for the next few days and finally when the follow up appointment came, and the results were all clear I could have hugged the doctor! It was a huge relief. I thoroughly recommend the Health Check with Medcare to anyone.” – Mrs S.


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