smile-tru - invisible teeth straightening

There is always a reason to smile, and now we can show you a great one – Smile Tru, invisible teeth aligners.

That’s right, it is now possible to get crooked teeth straightened and crowded teeth corrected without a mouthful of metal – and without anyone even knowing you are having treatment.

We introduced Smile Tru invisible aligners into our Benijofar dental clinic, and have had many patients take up this amazing new treatment.

Our dentist, Tim, who has undergone special training in the use of Smile Tru says: “While traditional metal aligners get the results, not everyone is happy with their appearance. Adults, in particular, often don’t want to wear wire braces that are more commonly associated with children and teenagers.

“Until recently our options have been limited, but new technology has allowed the development of aligner brands such as Smile Tru, which can straighten teeth discreetly.”

Patients undergoing straightening with Smile Tru are fitted with a series of clear, plastic moulds. Gently, over time, these moulds manoeuvre teeth into the desired position.

The moulds are virtually invisible, so patients do not feel embarrassed about the look of the aligners during treatment. Often patients report that nobody even realises they are wearing straighteners.

You will have an initial consultation with Tim when moulds and digital images are taken. They are then sent off to the laboratory where your teeth aligner trays will be created. Depending on how much work needs to be done,, you will be given new aligner trays after a couple of months and after the straightening process is completed, you will be provided with a set of (equally discreet) retainer trays, which are included in the treatment price. These retainer trays can also double up as teeth whitening trays! You can purchase a teeth whitening home kit from Medcare.

The Smile Tru system can treat just the top front 6 ‘social smile’ teeth, or both upper and lower teeth, or more, depending on the level of straightening required. It is an affordable and comfortable way for adults to straighten their teeth without feeling self conscious. Treatment  is generally 6 – 9 months.

One of Medcare’s dental assistants, Tracey has had Smile Tru for her top front 6 teeth and has been very pleased with the outcome.

traceyThe initial Smile Tru consultation, including moulds, digital photos and laboratory work is 200 euros.

Smile Tru teeth alignment starts from 1600 euros.

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