Dental implants are, without doubt, the best way to replace a missing tooth. They offer a permanent solution that acts and looks just like the real thing.

The problem is that it is also the most expensive option when it comes to tooth replacement.

So, we have been looking at ways to make dental implants more affordable and have managed to cut our prices. In our implant centre, a single-tooth implant now costs just €995!

And that is for the implant itself (the bit that fits into the gum) AND the porcelain tooth replacement that fits onto the implant.

But price is not the only reason to choose us for implant surgery. We think our surgeon and dental team really are the best.

We have a specialist surgeon working in our implant centre. Dr Daniel Oliveros Soria only does implants, so spends all his time performing this type of surgery and is very experienced. Plus, our whole dental team is there to support our patients throughout the entire procedure. The team includes our two dentists, Tim and Rocio, and two dental nurses, Tracey and Jo.

Patients who have already been through the process with us understand the value of having not only an excellent surgeon but a good team behind them, too. One of our patients, Markus, had all his teeth removed and replaced with implants. He told us that he particularly liked the way having the support of the whole team made it easier for him to keep informed about exactly what was going on.

He says: “Medcare’s implant surgeon performed excellent treatment and was meticulously exact. The other dentistry staff were friendly, helpful and explained everything clearly.”

If you are interested in having an implant you can book a free consultation to find out if you are a suitable candidate and learn more about what is involved.

Watch the video to see how dental implants work

Read on to learn a little more about dental implant surgery.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a permanent replacement tooth. The implant itself – think of it as the root of your replacement tooth – is a screw-like fixture that is fitted into the jaw bone. A porcelain tooth, matching your natural teeth, is then attached to the implant.

dental implants

Why choose implants?

When it comes to tooth replacement, implants are the closest you can get to natural teeth.

Implants stay permanently in place and function just like your own teeth.

I have a gap of more than one tooth

If you need more than one adjacent tooth replaced, the surgeon will fit ‘screws’ at intervals, with the teeth in between joined to the porcelain teeth that fit on the ‘screws’.

multi dental implants

Implants protect bone

Many people who lose a tooth – especially if it is not visible – are tempted to leave a gap. But a gap means jaw bone can recede, leaving adjacent teeth unstable. Implants prevent this.

Does it hurt?

In the hands of a good surgeon, the procedure should not be too uncomfortable. Medcare patient, Markus, who had all his teeth replaced with implants, told us: “The treatment was practically pain free, without complications, and even pleasant considering the circumstances. My fears of pain were unnecessary.”

What difference do implants really make?

Having good teeth can make a huge difference, as one of our patients said: “From the first moment, I started realising what I had missed for many years. An enormously increased quality of life is the result of this treatment. I can smile uninhibitedly again and can eat better from day to day.”

How do I book my free dental implant consultation to find out more?

Just call us on 966 860 258 or email



Offer current and valid 31 March 2018 – may be withdrawn without notice
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The price is for a standard implant, without complications. If you require extra treatment, such as bone grafting, the price will be higher.  Your particular needs can be investigated at a free consultation.