Young female with clean fresh skin

A Facelift is one of Medcare´s most popular surgical procedures, and the results are not only enjoyed by our patients but also by their friends and relations! Here are a few of our many satisfied patients.


I had a facelift not to change my face but in order to look fresher and better. I am very pleased with the results. My friend’s are saying I look great and nobody has asked if I had work done.

This is exactly what I wanted, and Dr Bernabeu assured me it would be very natural. While the staff at the clinic were very nice and especially Collette who was a great help, I still feel the fee for the administration was too high. That, and the fact that it took until I got to Spain to actually get a final quote was very annoying. It is essential that patient’s stay in Alicante for pre and post-operative care, so that is extra costs which must be considered. Medcare is probably more expensive then most European clinic’s but Dr Bernabeu was worth every Euro.


A couple of my friends that I trusted to tell them that I was having the procedure, are totally in awe with the results, and I know one of them will be contacting you when she returns to Spain! – Thanks again for all your help!


Thank you for all the help you and the other staff gave me during my visits to your medical centre.

I was always made to feel at ease, both by yourself and all the other members of the team.  The medical staff were totally professional, but also sympathetic and understanding to my needs.

Each step of my treatment was explained to me, and I always received written confirmation of where I was to go next, and what would happen.  There was never a time when I did not know my next step.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of my friends to contact you should they require any medical intervention of any sort.

Thank you again.