Dr Najma Hussain MBBS DRCOG MRCGP, non-surgical aesthetics doctor

Dr Najma Hussain MBBS DRCOG MRCGP, non-surgical aesthetics doctor

Dr Najma Hussain trained as a doctor at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals in London, qualifying in the mid-1990s.

She went on to train as a GP, working in Reading, and gained further qualifications in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

After moving to Spain, she founded Medcare along with her husband.

Initially Medcare was a dedicated private GP practice and Dr Hussain spent her time treating British expats on the Costa Blanca who preferred to see a British GP.

As the clinic grew, and a second Medcare clinic was opened to deal with the demand, additional services were added and the clinics took on a more holistic approach, with a number of complementary therapies including osteopathy, massage therapy and psychotherapy.

Finding that her patients wanted to look good as well as feel good, Dr Hussain started offering Botox and facial filler treatments.

At the time, there were many unqualified practitioners offering these treatments on the Costa Blanca and Dr Hussain was keen to provide a safe alternative.

Seeing how effective these treatments were, and what a boost looking younger and feeling better about themselves gave to her patients, Dr Hussain’s interest in aesthetic treatments grew. She sought out new procedures and undertook a number of specialist training courses in London.

Most recently she has trained in Sculptra and PRP, choosing these two treatments because she has been impressed by their natural, long-lasting results.

Dr Hussain trained in PRP with Dr Daniel Sister, a world renowned cosmetic, anti-ageing and hormone specialist doctor. Dr Sister invented Dracula Therapy, using PRP, and has treated many world-famous celebrities with the same technique that Dr Hussain has now mastered.

Dr Hussain has proved to have a natural feel for cosmetic treatments and with demand for her skills now growing in the UK as well as Spain, she will soon be holding dedicated cosmetic treatment sessions in Manchester.