Patient story- breast implants1. Cost – it is generally quite a bit cheaper to have breast implants in Spain than in the UK. This is because in Spain overheads are lower and so prices can be kept down without compromising safety or quality.

2. Safety – Spain has an excellent health system with well-trained doctors. And while you will be having your breast implant surgery privately, choosing a country with a good public health system and culture of training means the private sector is also likely to be of a high standard. You will find cheaper countries than Spain for your breast implant but can you be sure of safety.

3. English spoken – You will find many surgeons in Spain who speak excellent English and will be able to have your surgery in state-of-the-art hospitals where English is widely spoken.

4. Recover in the sun – the southern Costa Blanca has one of the best climates in Europe, so even if you choose a winter op you are likely to catch some warming winter rays. You can then go back home fully recovered, rested and free of stress to show off your new figure.

So there you have our top four reasons to have breast implants in Spain. And of course if you choose Medcare we take all the hard work out of choosing a surgeon and arranging your operation as we can do it all for you. We work with only the best surgeons and hospitals, will make all the arrangements in English and ensure the whole process goes smoothly. Contact us today to book a free consultation with our surgeon to find out more.