Book your dental treatment and a holiday for the same price as your UK/Ireland dental treatment costs!

Same quality, lower prices with Medcare Dental

The cost of dental work in many countries, including the UK, is extremely high. But there is an alternative. At Medcare Dental we can provide a qualified, experienced dentist to carry out the work you need at a much lower price.

How can we do this without cutting corners? Well, in Spain we have much lower overheads, so we can offer the same professional service and quality of materials as in the UK, but for less.

And, as we are located in a popular tourist destination – close to blue flag beaches, pristine seas and top golf courses – you can combine your dental work with a holiday. The dental work and holiday together could work out cheaper than you would pay for dental treatment alone in the UK. Why pay for your UK dentist to have a holiday when you can use the savings to have a holiday yourself instead.

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The dental team at Medcare are led by excellent British dentist, Tim Holt. With over 30 years experience and a patient-friendly manner, he works with patients to give them the best possible results. Rocio is the orthodontics specialist and Daniel is the Implantologst. You can read more about their qualities below.

Working tirelessly alongside these professionals are Jo and Tracey, the lovely and experienced dental assistants.

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