I slipped a disc many years ago and ended up flat on my back for a few weeks. Since then, I have had to be careful with my back and use support when gardening or doing anything particularly physical. Then, one day, I merely twisted to get a glass out of the cupboard and my back went out again. I have now seen the osteopath at Medcare a few times and my back is gradually returning to normal. He has been particularly gentle, explained everything in detail before starting treatment. I have great confidence in his ability. Needless to say, I can fully recommend him – Mrs D

I found myself having niggling pains in my back. As they were starting to interfere with my sleep I decided to make an appointment to see the osteopath at Medcare. It turns out that I have a stress whiplash, which I have probably had for many years. I am pleased to say that after a few treatments my niggling pains have disappeared and I now know which exercises to do to strengthen the muscles in my back – Mrs H

I reluctantly booked an appointment to see the osteopath at Medcare, mainly to stop my wife nagging! I had been experiencing pain in my shoulder and arm for a few months and, admittedly, had been moaning quite a bit to my wife. It turned out that I had a trapped nerve. The treatment I received was first class and I only wish I had gone sooner. I will certainly re-book if necessary and won’t be a such a wimp next time – Mr A

I am a keen footballer, albeit a weekend player. A few weeks ago, I was tackled badly and felt my knee give. I called Medcare for an appointment with the osteopath who diagnosed ligament and muscular problems. I have had several treatments and exercises to follow at home and am now on the road to recovery. More importantly, I am pain free – Mr McD

A car accident from years ago left me with crippling spasms in my back. I saw a spine specialist in the UK, but he could find nothing wrong. I was left with no choice but to try to live with the pain. But it just got worse, and spread into my legs. In the end, I couldn’t walk without the aid of a stick. I tried all sorts of treatments, but nothing helped. By the time I heard of Medcare and made an appointment with their pain clinic, I was really depressed by the constant pain. I didn’t really hold out much hope so was amazed – and delighted – when my pain got better after just one session! All the tension, stiffness and pain eased. I felt like new. For the first time in years I felt alive. Now, after two follow up treatments, I go walking in the mountains with my dogs and can work in my garden again – Mrs N

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