To make it easier for all women to be screened for two of the most common types of female cancer – breast and cervical – we have a special offer package.

If you book both a mammogram and cervical smear with us, you get the two for €110.

Book them separately and pay €65 for a mammogram and €55 for a smear.

These tests are important as thousands of women die needlessly from these cancers.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK – affecting one in every eight women. Cervical cancer affects almost 3000 women in the UK every year, with almost 1000 dying from the disease.

Mammograms are recommended for all women over the age of 45 every two years, while cervical smears should be performed regularly for all women, particularly those between 25 and 65.

Call us on 966 860 258 to book your special offer smear and mammogram or email


Usual regular private prices are;

Mammogram – 140 euros

Cervical Smear – 85 euros

Nurse, Susie McCrossan