allergiesYour eyes are streaming, your nose is as blocked as a Spanish drain after a rain storm and you can’t stop sneezing and spluttering. Yep, you’ve got seasonal allergic rhinitis – more commonly known as hayfever.

Around one in five people are affected at some point in their lives, and there are dozens of different pollens that can cause the reaction.

So what can you do? Of course you can visit your doctor or pharmacist for advice on hayfever medication, but you can also try these simple allergy-busting tips.

Strip when you get home

As soon as you get in, take off your clothes and put them in the wash. That way you will not be spreading pollen and dust all over your house.

Hang washing inside

Pollen may cling to your washing if you hang it outside to dry, so try drying indoors instead.

Avoid stress

Like so many conditions, hayfever can be made worse by stress. Chill and do whatever helps you to relax – whether that’s getting stuck into a good book, listening to music or a soothing massage. Try massaging the base of the thumb as acupressure points there are thought to relieve tension in the body.

Watch what you eat

Some people find certain fruits  or vegetables can make hayfever worse as the body mistakes them for allergens. Be aware of what you eat and note if it affects your hayfever symptoms. Rinsing your mouth after eating a food that affects you, or having a hot drink can help.

Get away

Different people find different pollens bring on hayfever. If you can work out which pollens you are allergic to, and are able to take a holiday at the time they are at their highest in the area you live, you may be able to avoid hayfever completely.