Beautiful face and the syringe (plastic surgery and botox injection concept)

Yvonne, 62, was one of the first to try Sculptra ‘liquid facelift’ at Medcare. After two treatments, she gave us an update of how Sculptra is working for her…

I was considering dermal fillers but when Dr Hussain told me about Sculptra I liked the sound of it more because the effects are natural and there is nothing artificial left in the skin.

I was a bit wary to start with as I was not really sure what I was going to go through, although I had researched Sculptra on the internet. It was fine though, it just felt like light pin pricks. Afterwards I did have a bit of bruising and swelling. The swelling lasted for about three days. After the second session I had hardly any bruising and very little swelling, and felt great.

Sculptra is not an instant fix like fillers and Botox. I started my treatment at the end of January and will have my third session in early May. And, Dr Hussain said it could be up to ten months to see the full results.

However, I am already seeing a change and am really pleased with how it is going. My skin feels amazing, softer-looking, plumper and firmer, and where it has plumped up it has lifted my jawline so it is more toned and less jowly.

The other great thing is that I have lost the gauntness in my face. My face was looking a bit hollow where I had lost weight, but the Sculptra has given it back a more youthful plumpness.

I am looking forward to my next treatment and would certainly recommend Sculptra to anyone.

We will bring you before and after photos of Yvonne when her treatment has been completed.