hidden red hair gene

A hidden red hair gene could mean you are at greater risk of skin cancer than you realise. And, one in four Brits have this gene.

Two copies of the gene will mean you have red hair – and probably realise that you need to take extra care in the sun. One copy, and your hair could be blonde or brown so you will have no idea you have the red hair gene –but you will be at greater risk of skin cancer just the same.

People with a single copy of the gene are still likely to have lighter skin and maybe a few freckles, but they may tan relatively easily and think they are safer in the sun than they are.

All skin types are at risk of skin cancer with too much sun exposure, but those with red hair, or the hidden red hair gene, are at greater risk.

It is advisable to limit sun exposure, whatever your skin type. Always stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day – when the sun’s rays are at their strongest – and use a high-protection, broad-spectrum sun cream.

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