get feet ready for summerIt is all too easy to neglect feet throughout the winter, shoving them into socks and shoes without a second glance. But in the summer you can’t get away with disregarding your tootsies.

And as it won’t be long until we are discarding our boots and winter shoes for summer sandals, now is the time to get your feet ready for summer.

Follow our guide now and get beautiful, sandal-ready feet.

Stretch them out 

You should always exercise your feet to keep them healthy – and it is especially important now after months of them being confined in boots and shoes. The feet are made up of bony metatarsal structures and need plenty of exercise to keep them supple. Try this simple exercise. Bunch toes downwards, as if making a fist with your feet. You may feel a slight spasm or cramp at first, but hold for 10 seconds, then stretch feet and spread toes as wide as you can.


Moisturise your feet morning and night and you will soon notice a big difference. Apply after bathing for best results. If your feet are particularly rough use moisturiser more than twice a day.

Give feet a good soaking

Soak your feet in warm water with a couple of teaspoons of sea salt added. Soak for around 20 minutes and then use a pumice stone or special foot file to remove dead skin and calluses. Soak feet at least twice a week to prepare them for summer.

Wrap with olive oil

For extra softening apply olive oil to your feet before going to bed. Wrap in cling film and put on a pair of socks. In the morning your feet will be super-soft. Use a pumice or file on any hard skin or calluses first thing in the morning after removing the plastic wrap.

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