Can dieting cure diabetesIt’s long been believed that once someone develops type 2 diabetes they will have the condition for life. But many scientists and doctors are now questioning this and think diabetes can be improved, or even cured, through weight loss. So can dieting cure diabetes?

It is thought this is because when we lose weight fat cells in the pancreas are among the first to disappear. The pancreas is where insulin is made and it is the body’s inability to make enough insulin and process it correctly that causes type 2 diabetes. Losing fat cells in the pancreas could improve insulin production.

Medcare’s GP Dr Najma Hussain is among those who believe losing weight could be a cure for diabetes.

“I have had personal experience of patients who have lost significant weight and reversed their diabetes,” she says.

At the very least, losing weight will improve health and well-being, so there is really nothing to lose.

Dr Hussain can give advice to diabetes patients on all aspects of the disease, including diet.