GP help with weight loss

A study has shown that just a thirty second chat with a GP can lead to people shedding the pounds.

Oxford University researchers tasked GPs with bringing up the issue of weight with patients visiting them for unrelated matters.

At the end of the consultation, the GP would say something like, ‘While you are here I just want to talk to you about your weight.’

Rather than be offended patients were happy to take the advice and in many cases it shocked them into doing something about their weight, even though they may not have previously been planning to.

Almost 3000 severely overweight patients were targeted. Most lost some weight and many lost over 10% of their weight after a year.

Our head GP, Dr Najma Hussein, has welcomed the report and says that support from your medical practice can make a big difference when it comes to achieving weight loss goals.

If you would like help and advice on weight loss, contact the surgery to book an appointment.

If you have already done well with weight loss and have been left with stubborn areas of hard to shift fat or loose skin, we may also be able to help as we offer the most advanced non-surgical fat loss treatments, including Exilis Elite, as well liposuction and surgery.