Medcare has launched this ultimate package for anyone wanting a lifted, younger and brighter face but without any surgery!

The results will be spectacular and you will look and feel younger, healthier and more fabulous than ever before.

What does it include?

What are the benefits?

Using a combination of these innovative tried and tested treatments will provide results that were previously only available through surgery. The benefit over a surgical face-lift is that the Dermapen micro-needling (Medical resurfacing) and the Rehydration treatments actually improve the skin quality, they don’t just re-position the skin it as is the case in a surgical face-lift. By encouraging new collagen growth, renewing the skin cells and delivering nutrients directly under the skin, the texture is improved from within and the patient ends up with beautiful skin, naturally.

The Dermapen (Medical resurfacing) treatment is one of Medcare’s most popular and successful treatments because it gives results that are quite astonishing. After 4 to 6 treatment sessions patients can look up to 10 or more years younger, with glowing and tighter skin, with fewer lines and blemishes.

The Rehydration treatment creates a dramatic difference in the texture and luminosity of the skin after treatment compared to before. Wrinkles are reduced, skin looks rehydrated and plumper, tone is improved and overall, the skin appears smoother, younger and fresher. Under the eyes can be treated to reduce eye bags, dark circles and sunken appearance. Fillers are provided in deeper lines in order to see results immediately.

And of course, Botox is renowned for removing wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet etc which add to the youthful appearance created by renewed skin.


Doctor Hussain is a firm believer in attaining as natural a result as possible with the best products available. Recently Teosyal received a prestigeous award for being the BEST SKIN ENHANCEMENT PRODUCT for RHA1!

How much is the Ultimate Non-Surgical Lift package?

The entire treatment package to give you spectacular results without any surgery and with award-winning and natural products is just 4000 euros!

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