Top five tips for Botox and fillers in SpainThinking about wrinkle treatments in Spain. Read our top five tips for Botox and fillers in Spain

  1. Make sure your Botox practitioner is qualified. In Spain, only doctors who have undertaken special training and are licenced are legally allowed to administer Botox and facial filler treatments. Check your practitioner is a licenced doctor.
  2. Botox can be cheaper in Spain than in the UK but be careful of super-cheap Botox and Fillers. It may be that the person giving the treatment is not a Botox trained and registered doctor and they may be using cheaper products that are not as good.
  3. Check which brand of Botox and Fillers you are getting. A properly trained doctor should be happy to let you know which brand they are using and how long it is likely to last. Cheaper brands of Botox and fillers may not produce the best results and may not last as long.
  4. Be realistic about results and listen to your doctor’s advice. If you are to get the results you want you will need to communicate with your doctor, so choose an English speaking doctor if you don’t speak Spanish. Your specially trained and registered doctor will be able to advise you on the best methods – whether fillers or Botox – for the areas you are concerned about.
  5. Call Medcare for an appointment today and know you are in the hands of a British GP who is trained and qualified to administer facial fillers and Botox, legally and safely.