Sometimes we might look in the mirror and think we would like to look a little fresher or younger but have had no experience in the aesthetics arena and have no clue what options are available. Ultimately we just don´t know what treatment we want!

Indeed, many clients are confused about what treatment is best for them when they first visit Medcare. Some think they need a facelift when a non-invasive non-surgical option will give them the results they desire. This is why Medcare offers a free Skin Consultation.

Dr Hussain will discuss with you what results you are aiming for, and what product and service options are available for you therefore enabling you to make a fully informed decision.

Treatments range from Chemical Facial Peels, through Microneedling to full facelifts. Also available are a range of high quality skin care products to buy for you to use at home. These products contain high levels of medical grade ingredients such as Retinol that will not be in products found in high street shops, they are only available from aesthetic clinics.

As well as re-surfacing and rejuvenation, other treatments offer volume. For hollow cheeks or mouth to nose creases, or thin lips, there are different filler treatments from Juvederm or Sculptra. And of course, Botox can reduce those fine lines and wrinkles.

Why not take the first step and discover what treatment might be right for you?

Call and make a free consultation appointment on 966 860 258

Dermapen results


Dermapen results


Juvederm fillers


Juvederm fillers


Juvederm lips