Beautiful mature woman smiling

Posed by model

I was always being told I looked tired and miserable and on one occasion was even told, by a complete stranger, to cheer up!

Looking in the mirror I could see what people meant; I looked drawn and miserable.

I had read about Sculptra so decided to do some initial research into the procedure here in Spain and came across Dr Hussain at Medcare in Benijofar.

The initial consultation with Dr Hussain was very informative and I decided to go ahead.

During the first session I was very nervous. But I need not have worried, the procedure was not painful, just a little uncomfortable.

I had two more sessions six weeks apart and now seven months later… well the results are absolutely incredible.

I have had so many comments about how well I look and I certainly feel better about myself. Anyone thinking of taking the ‘plunge’ should definitely not hesitate. I would thoroughly recommend Sculptra and, of course, Dr Hussain.

Sculptra is not cheap, and there is a little discomfort for a very short time, but in the words of another beauty product … we’re worth it!   – J.C.

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