BTL_ExilisHere’s what a few of our Exilis Elite patients are saying –

I was very sceptical to begin with, but my flanks have greatly reduced! I had no hips – they started at my armpits – but since having a course of Exilis I have definite definition. My tummy has got tighter and after the second treatment my skin felt different – but a good different. You do need to keep up with the fluid intake, and keep drinking about two litres to help the body get rid of fat – but it has worked. It happens over time, so  the first week I was under no illusion that I would see a change, and I didn’t. But after four treatments, there is a real difference. I would say it is a painless treatment, although it does get hot. The heat only lasts  for a split second and then it is gone again, so that’s OK. I am really pleased with the results; far better than I had expectedSarah, Medcare patient

I always put sun protection on my face, but forgot my neck. The result, my neck looked years older than my face. So, when Exilis Elite arrived at Medcare, I was very keen to try it. Treatment is simple; the doctor passed the hand piece repeatedly over my neck. All I felt was a warming sensation. I am really pleased  with the results, my neck is smoother, lifted and younger looking. Juliette, aesthetics therapist

At 50 I am beginning to see sagging around the lower part of my face. After just two sessions with Exilis Elite at Medcare I can see a real difference. My face is tighter and lifted and my jawline much firmer. Even my husband noticed! Some people find it quite hot, but it didn’t worry me. – Joe, Medcare patient 

2.5 inches lost on each arm and a tighter appearance. – Corynne L Corbett 

I am astounded with the results… I can see a visible improvement in the tone, texture and quality of the skin. –  Laura Casewell 

It sounds too good to be true, but it works. –  Robert Weiss, US dermatologist

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