Is this why you're not losing weightIf you are trying to lose weight but the pounds are refusing to shift, you may be making some of these common mistakes.

You are working out on an empty stomach

If your body does not have enough of the right foods to burn when you exercise, it will take energy from your muscles, which can mess with your metabolism.

You are eating carbs on the wrong days

If you aren’t exercising enough, your body turns unused carbs into fat. So, on days when you are not exercising, stick to low-carb food.

You are only doing cardio exercise

You can go to ten aerobics classes a week, but you won’t build muscle. And you need muscle to burn fat. So add some resistance training to build muscle mass.

You are not varying your workouts

Repeating the same exercises can lead you to plateau. Mix things up a bit.

Your workouts are too steady

Workouts with intervals are actually better than long, steady workouts.

You are not sleeping enough

Lack of sleep can prevent weight loss, or even lead to weight  gain as it can cause  an imbalance in hormones and stress levels, which affects weight.

If you cut out all these mistakes and still have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t shift, a treatment with Exilis Elite Radiofrequency will help.

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