I have always had a problem with ‘belly fat’, having had children and a hysterectomy, so was very interested when I heard about Exilis Elite, a treatment that melts away fat and at the same time improves skin texture.

After researching the treatment on the web I decided to go ahead and have my face, neck and stomach treated at Medcare. There has been a big improvement in all areas, most notably my stomach, with a loss of 7.5cm around my waist.

I lost 7.5cm with exilis

Anne lost 7.5cm with Exilis Elite

My neck and face feel lifted and smoother and Medcare’s Dr Hussain explained that the improvement will continue after the treatment and that I will see the full benefit after three months.

The treatment itself I found relaxing, rather like a warm massage, with only the occasional break needed when the heat built up, but this was no problem and instantly brought under control. My face was pink for a few hours afterwards but it was not really noticeable.

The overall experience was very pleasant, with all the staff caring and professional and I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is contemplating having it done. I would also like to thank Dr Hussain and Nurse Susan for the way in which they carried out the treatment. – Anne Robson