body contouring freeExilis Elite

One of our most popular treatments, Exilis Elite is the market leader in radiofrequency body sculpting and face rejuvenation.

This incredible device melts fat and tightens skin, and is completely non-invasive. The hand-piece is simply massaged over the area to be treated, and a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound heats fat cells, destroying the outer wall and allowing fat to simply dissolve away.

Skin is also tightened, leaving the whole area smoother and more toned. And, because of its skin-tightening setting, Exilis can also be used to smooth and give a lifting effect on faces. Excellent for problem areas such as thighs, hips, tummies, jowls, necks, bingo wings, bra fat, and anywhere else you have a problem.

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Sometimes stubborn fat pockets simply will not shift, no matter how much you diet and exercise.

This is where Aqualyx fat-dissolving injections come in. Designed to get rid off fat pockets on areas such as hips, thighs, tummies, and wherever else you have a problem, Aqualyx destroys the fat cell, and gets rid of inches.

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Which is for you?

How do you know if Exilis Elite or Aqualyx is right for you? Simple, just book a free consultation with our aesthetics team and we can assess your needs and answer your questions.