winter skincare saleWinter sale – 15% off medical-grade skincare

If you are looking for Christmas presents, you can still get 15% off medical-grade skincare products and mineral makeup in our winter sale, until the end of December.

So, if your loved one is already a fan of Glo Therapeutics or ZO Medical, now is the time to stock up on their favourite products for Christmas. If they’ve never used them before, our sale means it is the perfect time to give them a go. Of course, you don’t have to buy for a loved one, you can give yourself a little Christmas treat, too.

What makes these products so good?

Well, they are serious medical skincare products – packed full of anti-ageing super-ingredients. Many are doctor-only products and you simply cannot buy anything like them over the beauty counter.

For example, both ZO Medical and Glo Therapeutics ranges include medical-grade retinol products that pack a hefty punch.

Retinol is one of the few ingredients with molecules small enough to penetrate the surface of the skin and make a difference at a cellular level.

Developed as an acne treatment, it was later found retinol users had fewer wrinkles. Now, retinol is a popular beauty ingredient, but it is only allowed in the strengths required to really work in medical products.

Serious medical-grade retinol products will reduce lines and wrinkles, fade brown spots, help repair sun damage and induce collagen to restore more youthful plumpness to the skin.

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Vitamin C

Another ingredient proven to really work when in the right formula and strength is vitamin C.

Topical vitamin C has been shown to boost collagen production, minimise lines and wrinkles and fade age spots.

But as with retinol, it has to be the right type of vitamin C in the right strength to work. Medcare recommends Glo vitamin C products because these have good quality vitamin C plus other top ingredients to give the best results.

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Mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is a must have as far as we are concerned. Not only does it look fantastic, it is also much kinder for skin than chemically-laden, pore-blocking makeup. And, you wouldn’t want to use products to get your skin into the best possible condition, only to ruin it all with bad makeup!

Glo Minerals range is the perfect choice to complement your skincare regime – and remember there is currently 15% off if you buy it from us.

Free consultation

If you want to know more about Medcare’s fabulous skincare and makeup ranges, and to find out which are best for your skin, book a free consultation with one of our skincare experts.