repair sun damaged skin

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Well, we’ve nearly done it, survived one of the hottest, most humid summers on record. But how well has your skin fared?

Summer is the worst time for skin. If it is not being exposed to harmful and ageing UV rays, it is being blasted by drying aircon or exposed to harsh pool chemicals or salty sea water. By the end of summer, skin can look dry, flaky and much older than when the season started.

But don’t despair, there’s a lot you can do to get your skin back into pre-summer condition.

sun damaged skin

Our expert aesthetician, Juliette says: “Summer leaves skin stripped of moisture and often with more pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. But it is possible to repair a lot of the damage with the right skincare routine and treatments.”

Here are Juliette’s top treatments –


Anything that strips the top layer of skin is fantastic at this time of year as it gets rid of damaged cells and reveals younger, smoother skin.

pumpkin-enzyme-scrub_15For home use I love the Glo Therapeutics Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub. Packed with enzymes and exfoliating granules this is a ‘mini peel in a tube’. Perfect for stripping dead, sunburned skin and showing soft golden tan beneath.

A great complement to this is the Glo Glycolic Cleanser, for super-clean skin with an extra exfoliating punch.

There are many more fantastic products for rejuvenating skin and promoting new collagen and cell growth available at Medcare with both the ZO Medical and Glo Therapeutics ranges. These are medical-grade products with powerful ingredients not available over the beauty counter, and they really do work on lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin laxity, leaving skin younger, plumper and firmer looking.


A medical aesthetic facial is a fabulous way to repair summer damage.

Using professional, dermatologist-developed products one of our facials will greatly improve the look and feel of skin. Plus, you will receive expert skincare advice that will change the way you care for your skin and put you on the path to a truly healthy complexion.


Skin peelsPeels come in varying strengths and do exactly what they say, peel away top layers of skin. The strongest, doctor-only peels give results similar to laser resurfacing.

Try a glo peel to remove old, sun-damaged cells, and deliver vital anti-oxidants and cell renewing ingredients. The result, smoother, younger-looking skin.

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We are offering 20% off glo’s Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub and Glycolic Cleanser. Facials are reduced from €65 to €50, and there is a 25% discount on a course of six peels.

Book a free skin consultation with one of our aesthetics team to find out which treatments or products are best for your skin.