livia and teaCroatian makeup artist Tea Flago turned her 80-year-old gran into the ultimate Glam-ma, and her stunning new look has made her an internet sensation.

Gran Livia, who lives in a nursing home, is said to be loving her new-found fame.

“Her transformation is really enormous,” says Flego, pictured above with Livia. “With a few skills and good contours, you can make a miracle. Blurring wrinkles is her favourite part of [the] make-up, and for me is the hardest one.”

After transforming her grandmother, Flego says she is now getting lots of requests from older ladies wanting to look younger.

As for Livia, her granddaughter says she is not ashamed of her wrinkles but says why shouldn’t she go to the nursing home ball looking 30 years younger.”