new body for christmasGet a new body for Christmas

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ask Santa for the body of your dreams this Christmas!

Well, sadly we can’t get Donner and Blitzen to deliver that with the rest of your pressies, but we have discovered the two next best things.

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections and Exilis Elite radiofrequency are cutting edge treatments for dealing with hard-to shift fat, and they are both available at our clinics.

Full results take around three months, so if you start a course of treatments now, you could be looking truly fab by Christmas.

So how do these seriously amazing treatments work?

Aqualyx is an injectable gel that destroys fat cells, releasing liquefied fat that is dispelled from the body through the lymphatic system. Basically, you pee out your fat.

This treatment is not for seriously obese people – it isn’t a magic wand unfortunately – but it does work wonders on those areas where your body insists on storing fat no matter how hard you try to shift it.

Common areas treated include saddle-bag thighs, backsides and bellies, but all areas can be treated.

One of our patients had the treatment for what he described as his ‘Buddha belly’ and said after treatment: “I have not seen definition like this since I was a teenager”.

Exilis Elite – probably the most effective radiofrequency device on the market, and the one used and loved by the rich and famous – also works on problem fat spots.  But while the results are as good as Aqualyx, the method is completely different.

It uses radiofrequency and ultrasound to ‘melt’ fat cells, and is completely non-invasive. Paddles are massaged over the skin and patients feel a warming sensation, which many have likened to a hot stone massage.

Melts fat and tightens skin

As well as melting fat, Exilis Elite tightens skin. This makes it an excellent treatment for bingo wings – which are almost impossible to shift through diet and exercise.

We have had some amazing results with Exilis Elite. One patient lost 7.5cm from her middle and another who had the treatment to lift and tone her face had been considering a facelift before treatment but now says she doesn’t need one.

Free consultation

Book a free consultation to find out what  Aqualyx or Exilis Elite can do for you.

And, as a little extra Christmas gift, we are offering a 10% discount on all Exilis and Aqualyx treatments booked from now until Christmas. Gift vouchers are also available for all of our treatments and products.